Spring Safety Check

Spring Safety Check

OUR FINE DUST FILTER KEEPS OUT GERMS, POLLEN AND POLLUTANTS. Did you know millions of minuscule irritants manage to bypass standard air filters? Even when your windows are shut, allergens and bacteria find a way into your BMW. It's time to take a stand against unwanted guests.

Book an £79.99 Spring Service*** and our Trained Technicians will fit your BMW with our Fine Dust Filter. Engineered to block harmful particles, it purifies air with microscopic precision.


. Cabin freshen-up (a treatment that combats unpleasant smells with a fresh, minty fragrance)

. Complimentary Online video of the inspection

. Complimentary Wash and Vacuum

. Fluid Top-Ups to their recommended levels*:

. Brake fluid level top up

. Anti-freeze level top up

. Screen wash top up

. Clutch fluid top up

. Power Steering top up

*Please note, fluid update does not include engine oil top ups. *For very low oil levels, exceeding 2.0 litres we will provide you with a quote before restoring to their recommended levels.

To book a Spring Safety Check, please select book a Service above.